Friday, April 3, 2009

Deantastic Tech Podcast Episode 01

The pilot episode of Deantastic Podcast is here!

Before we go any further, let me just say this: this is one crappy episode in terms of audio quality. I'm still learning the ropes of Adobe Audition and podcasting in general and I'm working with a basic 3.5-mm omnidirectional microphone. Apologies for the quality. I promise I'll get better in future episodes.

It's also ridiculously short—five minutes for chrissake! I worked entirely off a script here. As soon as I get the hang of it, expect the podcast's runtime to lengthen.

So, anyway, in this episode of the Deantastic Tech Podcast:

  • Skype for the iPhone. Skype finally releases a client for the iPhone platform.

  • Conficker Worm. D-Day came and went without anything really big happening. So is the Conficker scare over?

  • Microsoft Encarta shuts down. Didn't see that coming.

  • What the Internets did for April Fools'. Google has CADIE, The Guardian goes Twitter, Plurk goes Bitter.
Download the MP3 of Episode 01 here or listen to it using the embedded player below. Better yet, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes - or use this generic RSS feed.

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  1. Hi, congratulations on your pilot episode. You can put/use "itpc://" instead of "http://" before your RSS feed URL (ex itpc://feed2...) so when someone clicks the link iTunes would automatically open.